Tuesday 31st May 2022


Up 08 15.

Breakfast : coffee; toast with butter. Spoke friend.

Went to bathroom, showered and dressed. Pumiced foot. Athlete’s foot irritating right front of right foot.

Sent thoughts on year to March as former co-chair BathNES Green Party to colleague. Fixed leg of desk which had worked loose.

Elevenses : hot water.

Worked on CSR. Visited London Road shop looking for glasses where member staff compared notes with customer as regards their property holdings (some occupied; some let) in UK and Spain: ‘I’d never sell my property in Bath.’ Passed man who asked me for 5p or 10p. Visited Refillable, a food shop, buying eggs and meeting proprietor. Continued on to charity shop (‘handsome men only,’ said a member staff as I was walking in), the ironmonger in Guildhall Markets, and shop looking for tiebacks where staff wondering whether behaviour of a child was ploy to distract by family or mark of upbringing. Bunting sold out everywhere apparently.


Lunch : fried egg; rice.

Worked on website.

Tea : black tea; shortbread.

Returned to food shop buying oranges, muesli, moving on to inspect deli close by before returning to Waitrose where bought reduced pizza for supper. Caught up with member staff saying I found cabal and awakening unconvincing though would agree that something very wrong and a class of people effectively preying on rest. ‘You need to see 44,000.’


Supper : La Reine pizza; green salad; pancakes a l’orange.

Online until turning in.