Monday 30th May 2022


Up 08 00.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli. Online. Apparently more US nationals are killed annually by firearms in US than total police and military killed in service combined.

Spoke to family. Spoke to friend.

Went to bathroom, showered and did dishes, spraining wrist moving recycling bin (kept in bathroom). Descaled teeth.

Worked on website. Firefox crashed.

Elevenses : coffee; shortbread.

Continued working as above. Shut window : idling motorist. Experimented with drapery options.


Lunch : fried egg; rice.

Dressed and prepared for DWP appointment.

Attended appointment with WC at Pinesgate (DWP). Ran through progress which was well enough received, and, as then asked, gave feedback on Seetec Pluss. Broached subject of how to take time out : WC encouraged me to organise, in effect, a holiday, as well as to make sure I took time out during week too (e.g. evenings; weekends or equiv). Shared fact that Bath City College doing haircuts for models for free for those it may benefit. Booked next appointment before leaving as usual.

Returned via Society Cafe where had seen friend en-route and spent half an hour reviewing website. Went to Waitrose for food, buying reduced bread and minestrone soup.


Supper : minestrone soup; bread.

Made pancake batter only to discover no way to flavour so reserved.

Fielded request from colleague in BathNES Green Party regarding forthcoming AGM.

Online until turning in.