Wednesday 25th May 2022


Up 08 30. Went to bathroom.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; pancakes a l’orange. Mendip District Council has apparently declared a Cost of Living Emergency. Bath Trades Council advertising seats on coaches for London demonstration next month.

Worked on CSR (painting). Shut windows due to Ambience (petrol strimmers; trimmers etc).

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines. Listened to BPM’s Remix Morning Show and The Chris Hedges Report (TRNN).

Continued working as above. Helped friend with conference paper. Cold again.


Lunch : fried egg; rice.

Dressed to go out for walk (rough winds; light rain). Polished deck shoes. Visited town centre seeing friend who invited me to art exhibition and acquaintance who had returned from what described as pilgrimage to Lyme Regis to see statue of Mary Anning, an overlooked early nineteenth century palaeontologist.

Worked on website.

Ate some nuts. More reporting concerning mass shooting in US. Assault rifles designed for use by children on sale in US.

Continued working as above.


Went to Waitrose buying reduced sausages and milk. Young man standing on doorstep on Lansdown Rd rapping to his friend.

Supper : sausages; mash; mustard.

Continued working as above. Received text message notification end contract period.

Online until turning in.