Tuesday 24th May 2022


Up 08 15. Still tired.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; granola.

Did dishes, went to bathroom and dressed.

Worked on LFE.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines. Woman emerged from car parking to rear with child under left arm as one carries a rugby ball.

Continued working as above.


Lunch : minestrone soup; bread & butter. Shut window due to noise pollution (cooling fan of parked van).

Tried Bath City College for haircut, finding could be done on spot as a model for barbering courses. Attended to by tutor who nearly lost her footing completely at one stage and two students. Apparently students taught not to talk about politics with clientele. Students seemed disengaged from political action but with some sense of class structure etc. Offered to pay and found no charge at present due to shortage of models. Made return trip to Waitrose/ATM to get cash for a tip which was appreciated.

Walked home passing a woman I recognise from streets, sitting opposite Theatre Royal : ‘what a cunt,’ she said to herself, sobbing, as a man she seemed to know walked away from her.

Tea : kiwi fruit; hot water.

Worked on Cut and Shut Ritz (painting).


Supper : spinach and ricotta pizza; green salad.

Strange noises with two foxes – a slender and then a heavier animal – passing by a short time later.

Continued painting.

Online until turning in.