Thursday 26th May 2022


Up 07 15. Dreamt was fullback in England rugby team. Odd : my team is Wales, if any, which may account for fact all teammates were other end pitch. Online. Now over 50 degrees Celsius in South Asia.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli (almond/dairy milk). Knocked ramekin french dressing over messenger bag and cleaned up. Works next door.

Organised and put out recycling.

Went to bathroom, using hand laundry detergent as had run out shower gel. Dressed for appointment with Simple Recruitment, polishing black brogues, then receiving phone call from Seetec Pluss cancelling with apology.

Worked on CSR (painting).

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines.

Continued working as above. Took call from friend to discuss paper. Caught up, hearing how mother of acquaintance had been covering for daughter in a public house, and that contractor had visited to fit new carpet and failed to do so as working alone (but not before ripping carpet up in several places for good measure).


Lunch : sausages; mash; mustard. Some gut pain. HMG apparently considering grants of up to £1,000 or so for low income households and £400 for all households. Amused to see Dictionary Corner from C4’s Countdown call HMG ‘ “cunts” (fifteenth century)’ on Twitter.

Went to town visiting Waitrose and buying reduced thai green curry; staff member of certain age said she had upped hours as could not afford continue otherwise. Landlord had been in lobby in morning, again without notice, to leave an envelope (£5 note to cover key and posting). Looked for glasses and cushion covers.

Tea : water; kiwi fruit.

Continued working on CSR (painting).


Supper : thai green curry; rice.

Inspected reported audience sizes for UK media : BBC 38.4m, Sun 27.4m, Mirror 25.9m, Mail 24.6m, Independent 22.4m.

Online until turning in.