Monday 23rd May 2022


Up 08 15.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; granola (dairy). Reported that SW TUC has agreed to dedicate the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Tree to Her Majesty the Queen. There are apparently millionaires protesting inequality at Davos (being held later than is customary this year).

Worked on application for Nature Recovery Manager position with BathNES Council.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines.

Continued working as above until completed, sending proof of dispatch/receipt to EA at Seetec Pluss and updating Universal Credit system.

Showered, forgetting to use a fresh towel and in consequence probably smelling less fresh than started. Annoyed. Dressed.


Lunch : Fried Egg; Rice.

Attended appointment with EA at Northgate House. Invited again to attend meeting with Simple Recruitment and agreed : am 1 of 10 booked in for 5 or so slots, the expectation being that only that number will attend. Looked at sectors again, reiterating that hotel work and hospitality not amongst targets. EA performed a ‘Better Off Calculation’ using website based on package offered by BathNES Council Nature Recovery Manager position which I think suggested – were I to be successful – I would be better off to the tune of £508.15 a week. Discussed position briefly explaining that my work – with others – had likely contributed to the creation and funding of several of the positions advertised (and the line management). Said I would resist telling them they were in my debt. Did Action Plan review as usual, and learned that Wellbeing Review pending again. Booked into self-employment workshop on Business Planning.

Went to Lidl. Walked out in front of bus turning right by Green Park (unusual for me to get traffic wrong); put hand up. Heard young man outside entrance say couldn’t be financially worthwhile paying security to stop shoplifting. Lost disposable mask en-route which I noticed on arrival.

Exhausted when got back.

Tea : black tea; shortbread. Ate some nuts.

Relaxed in bed. Online.


Supper : minestrone soup; bread & butter.

New neighbours moving in apparently. Investigated options for haircut in Bath. £30 for man’s cut seems going rate at salons.

Online until lights out.