Wednesday 18th May 2022


Up 08 15.

Breakfast : orange juice; black tea; apple crumble. Watched short film from Don’t Extradite Assange campaign. Searched for cabal and awakening using Google and then DuckDuckGo finding links to websites of author, television series, and more. Themes familiar : anti-vax; anti-5G; George Soros; pedophilia rings etc. Thought I’d leave it there until I see the staff member again. Checked balance to find had been credited to tune of ¬£150.

Did dishes, went to bathroom, took long shower and descaled teeth (having found intact instrument unexpectedly after tidying kitchen somewhat).

Made notes on housing contigencies.

Elevenses : banana; black tea.

Built second chandelier for Cut and Shut Ritz. Hung print.


Lunch : bacon and pea quiche; cucumber; water. Lightheaded.

Went to Lidl, forgetting to wear training shoes, and returning through Victoria Park after leaving towpath by Upper Bristol Road : more direct alternative. Saw former neighbour who moved out lately and who seemed well. Phoned friend before reaching home and met for coffee in town (courtesy friend) after trip to Guildhall Markets. Streets around Assembly Rooms taken over by film production which likely to be new series Bridgerton.

Tea : black tea; shortbread.


Supper : Spinach and Ricotta Pizza; green salad.

Went to Waitrose for food and coffee.

Online until turning in.