Thursday 19th May 2022


Up 08 30. Clips of President G. W. Bush gaffe online in which criticised war in Iraq (‘I meant Ukraine’).

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli.

Did recycling.

Elevenses : coffee.

Went to Brewers for paint via town where saw man had spoken to lately at low ebb having slept rough overnight (said needed £7 for shower at YMCA for himself and partner). Given discount on paint which I appreciated. Looked for glasses and cushion covers on way back in charity shops. Noticed recycling crew cleaning their forearms as passed by.


Lunch : tortelloni; green salad.

Worked on Cut and Shut Ritz (painting).

Tea : black tea; panacotta. Wrote to agent to request landlord’s address for posting.

Went to Waitrose for food, encountering friend and going out to tiny community garden or parklet on Walcot Street for a catch up with bottle of apple juice from Harvest shop (courtesy friend). Noticed mobile food bank or soup kitchen in Cattle Market car park as we left. Returned via Waitrose buying reduced beefburgers, buns, and almond milk.


Supper : beefburgers in a bun.

Published TNS. Number of sports bikes redlining in 4 or 5 gears somewhere nearby.

Felt hadn’t caught up with self this week following difficult first few days, as state of notebook shows.