Tuesday 17th May 2022


Up 08 15. Strange dream.

Breakfast : orange juice; black tea; pancakes a l’orange.

Tidied studio, dusting and polishing furniture whilst waiting for Fire Inspection.

Elevenses : black tea. Checked online regarding so-called council tax rebate of £150; apparently eligible and first in line as of Monday this week.

Fire Inspection contractor knocked on door and informed me that completed checks and no access to studio required (not what the letter a week ago indicated). Neighbour in who tells me moving out after landlord phoned him at work from inside his apartment, demanding that mother’s dog be removed immediately (neighbour caretaking as mother incapacitated waiting years for operation on NHS). Said turning up/entering without notice was not right, mentioning own experience day before, and encouraging him to assert his rights such as they are. Guessing the ridiculous vehicle parked at front which when well parked still obstructs a quarter of the width of pavement beyond the drive belongs to ‘the owner’. Wished neighbour well.


Lunch : tahcheen. Spoke to a friend.

Published TNS.

Felt uncomfortable and couldn’t decide whether hungry or nauseous. Drank a lot of water and ate a banana, feeling a little better for it in due course.


Went to Waitrose for balance and food. Opted for 3 apples, planning apple pie for dessert and breakfast using pastry from friend. ‘I live to fight another day,’ I said to a staff member, then mentioning reporting that at least one senior officer at financial corporation expecting civil unrest. ‘Change is coming,’ she said. Expressed view that organisation required but she was certain : I needed to look up the cabal and awakening. Said I would and revert.

Pastry off so improvised a crumble topping using olive oil and last of Alpen.

Supper : apple crumble.

Online until turning in.