Sunday 15th May 2022


Up 08 45. Did picture editing in bed.

Breakfast : orange juice; muesli (dairy milk); coffee.

Continued working as above. Plumped for ‘[Pronoun] at work, [Location], [Region]’ labels.

Elevenses: coffee; madeleines.

Continued working as above.


Lunch : bulgur wheat; onion; potatoes; black chick peas.

Walked into town, visiting Waitrose and deciding buy just shortbread. Had lost last of my medical facemasks so shopped without for first time in two years perhaps.

Tea : black tea; shortbread.

Searched for job vacancies : decided apply for New Economics Foundation role. Prepared application.


Supper : bulgur wheat; onion; potatoes; black chick peas.

Friend stopped by and dropped off prepared food and cagoule.

Continued working on application until late, submitting forms to nef and proof of dispatch (image of sent email)/receipt to EA as required.

Drank glass of milk with finger shortbread.

Online until turning in.