Saturday 14th May 2022


Up 08 55.

Coffee in bed. Online.

Breakfast : coffee; muesli (almond milk). Spoke to friend.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines. Party in the City still going – at party house nearby, at any rate.

Worked on website.


Lunch : fried egg; rice. Spoke to a friend.

Went to Waitrose for balance and food. Less than £10 to cover until Thursday. Opted for potatoes and an onion (bulgur wheat at home). Said to staff member I was scraping bottom of barrel this month. He said I was not the only one and wondered whether those struggling would vote.

Worked on website. Ate some nuts.

Tea : black tea; shortbread.

Continued working as above.


Returned to Waitrose, buying reduced milk. Speeding motorist yelled ‘Fuck you!’ at another who had turned right into Guinea Lane without much warning, causing them to have to break hard, and who answered in kind.

Supper : bulgur wheat; onion; potato; chick pea.

Did picture editing for first Regional Rides gallery until turning in.