Wednesday 11th May 2022


Up 07 45. Online.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; granola (dairy milk).

Went to bathroom, showered and dressed.

Published TNS.

Attended appointment with EA at Northgate House (Seetec Pluss). Majority time spent discussing target sectors (5 minimum); EA said needed understand better what might fit the bill. Obliged with 5 (one or two in reserve). EA invited me to consider training at Bath City College (Hospitality Certificate) with a view to role in sector (not one of my targets); politely declined. Also suggested attending sessions with Wessex Water later in the week and Simple Recruitment – which I had already declined after inspecting the website lately – later in the month. I indicated that I could not ‘sustainably’ (the language used in their workshop) work for WW, on ethical grounds, but accepted that it would be sensible to attend. EA asked me whether I knew my UTR, as regards self-employment; I didn’t off the top of my head and said I’d find out what what I could and contact my WC. EA also confirmed that Wellbeing Coach referral form had been sent. I said I would also progress things with GP in parallel.

Elevenses : coffee (courtesy friend). Discussed personal and wider matters with friend in coffee house. Talked about humanity as a species vis a vis other species and Nature, or Creation etc : friend contended that part of our consciousness unnatural, estranging us from Nature; I argued that homo sapiens is part of Nature that has capacity (and moral responsibility) to reason as well as commune with Nature, or something like that.


Lunch : spinach, red pepper & feta quiche; green salad; tiramisu.

BIt anxious to see change of appointment with WC. Wrote to WC to ask about UTR, and saw message to effect that change just cover for absence. Noticed announcement by Bath City Farm that its community cafe had finally opened, following 26 years of planning etc : the ‘power of just doing stuff’?

Felt needed break so walked into town, visiting charity shops (looking for glasses), and seeing an acquaintance with whom I exchanged a joke. Lightheaded.

Tea : water, melon.

Finished No Wine in Old Bottles piece by cutting material for a champagne towel from tablecloth, folding it, and dressing the bottle/bucket; decided tired, plastic flute was appropriate. Closed window due to idling motorist.


Supper : quiche (as above); green salad.

Spoke to friend. Lightheaded.

Published TNS.

Online until lights out.