Tuesday 10th May 2022


Up 09 00. Coffee in bed. Online. New World Meterological Office and Met Office study reported : 50:50 chance 1.5 degrees Celsius will be breached by 2026.

Breakfast : orange juice; granola.

Did dishes.

Published TNS.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines.

Went to Lidl. Stopped en route to enjoy reeds along towpath. Man told member staff about state opening of parliament at checkout. Letter from Andrews Property Group warning of Fire Maintenance inspection next Tuesday.


Lunch : margherita pizza; green salad. Allowed a UPS courier in to deliver a parcel for neighbour.

Worked on LFE. Drew curtain to protect from sun at desk.

Tea : black tea; fruit cake.

Worked through more of Seetec Pluss portal. Interested to see some locally produced content; the Rt Hon Don Foster MP, a Cabinet Minister in the Coalition Government appeared in a short film, as did a civil servant in the Local Authority saying the central government had run out of money.

Spoke to friend.


Supper : mushroom tortelloni (more expensive than the Ham and Cheese and much superior); green salad; tiramisu.

Online rest of evening. Following Queen’s Speech (read today by HRH the Prince of Wales flanked by Duchess of Cornwall and HRH the Duke of Cambridge) Caroline Lucas MP described the Johnson government as a ‘government with no purpose’. Amusing commentary on Twitter as regards arrival of Imperial State Crown (‘a hat’) at Palace of Westminster in its own bespoke Rolls Royce limousine. Read about mass trespass on Duke of Somerset’s 2800 acre Berry Pomeroy Estate in Devon with photographic evidence of abuse of the land, wildlife, livestock etc. Purpose is to conserve and increase power and wealth of ruling class. Aiming at access to some of the thousands or in some cases hundreds of thousands of acres of land belonging to such households (ennobled or not) seems to miss the point somewhat.

Lights out. Removed one of two duvets as too warm.