Thursday 12th May 2022


Up 07 45.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; granola.

Reported Income and Expenses to DWP. Received message from Managing Agent about Fire Inspection (replied to say I would be in). Read Teen Vogue article on recently leaked draft opinion on reproductive rights in US, noticing ads for joint pain and arthritis, which cannot be target market and must reflect my searches or conversation (mentioned couple times lately to friends). Reference in Declassified article to UK as US’ ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier’.

Attended meeting with Wessex Water at Northgate House. Advised would start at 11 so went outside. Helped family looking for Visa and Citizenship Application Centre find their way to reception. Spoke to man I recognise from streets and his friend, with whom I am acquainted (I had bought her a bacon sandwich in the Guildhall Markets after what was apparently her first night on the streets ten years ago or so). Spent remaining time in space by Bath Abbey, greeting and then talking to Big Issue vendor who thanked me for saying hello. She said she was struggling working/caring for young children; I said it was possible Citizens Advice could help and drew her a map.

Signed in at the Reception of Seetec Pluss and sat down alongside one or two others before we were shown into the Training Room to wait for WW, evidently running late. 7 of us in total including a woman who would have to leave early for a DWP appointment and a man with a roll up cigarette behind his ear who would also have to leave early to avoid a parking fine. Recruitment Team from WW duly arrived – a man and a woman – and spoke about variety roles available as well as asking us to introduce selves and what might be seeking. Seetec Pluss staff member joined momentarily (possibly to record who was present). As suspected, some of incidental industry detail was interesting : sludge tankers bringing freight by road from south coast to (sole) Avonmouth plant; senior managers regularly speak to staff via monitors in canteen or ‘The Street’ to keep them abreast of the whole of the business and current issues – discharges of sewage into watercourses was the example given. Was last to leave, having a brief conversation with WW on way out.

Went to Waitrose en-route home for food, buying reduced sausages, yorkshire puddings, onion gravy. Saw acquaintance who said he had sown wildflower seeds, colleague working at WW who said had been working 70 hr weeks, and EA.


Lunch : fried egg; rice.

Slept after eating as felt tired.

Tea : black tea; shortbread.

Worked on website.

Ate some nuts. Spoke to a friend.


Went to Waitrose again for food and bought reduced corn on the cob.

Supper : toad in the hole.

Went to Coop for muesli, and took cagoule to friend who had requested a coat.

Spoke to friend.

Online until lights out.