Monday 9th May 2022


Up 08 15.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; granola. Mentions of study online saying 7m in UK are going hungry. Hasn’t been my situation yet – have prioritised diet over e.g. heating – although I was invited to use Food Bank in 2018.

Spoke to a friend.

Did dishes. Went to bathroom and showered. Got dressed and removed socks and shoes again due to discomfort (socks and shoes tighter over time with shrinkage etc and athlete’s foot on right foot – recurrent for a decade or more – has begun to flare up again; pharmacist advised against further use of OTC applications).

Worked on website trying to decide on site layout and content. Went to window after hearing raised (male) voice outside : young man shouting ‘Go away!’ and ‘End it!’ at two women, some distance apart, before situation appeared calm down.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines. Shut kitchen window due to building noise.

Worked on LFE. Trying to finish draft schematic of state society and UK in particular, showing characteristic institutions, establishments, processes.


Lunch : beetroot; fried egg and rice.

Went into town for provisions, finding emergency services outside, and two persons I didn’t recognise and who did not wish to engage at all. Just offered help if required and left. Member of staff in Waitrose commented that we were the only two wearing masks though pandemic was ongoing, and that climate emergency would solve everything before too long; ‘brought to you by the same people and systems,’ I said. Too warm in wool sports jacket.

Visited government website and inspected list of ministerial and other departments, public bodies, agencies etc : 23 ministerial; 20 non ministerial; 400 + agencies.

Tea : black tea; fruitcake.

Logged into Seetec Pluss portal and worked through different sections. Did Job Search Assessment (‘Career Pulse’) for score on ‘[h]ow employable .. [I] think [I am]’ and first of 14 career assessments, which was a little difficult without a specific role in mind (I don’t like these sorts of questionnaires). Reminded of Salvador Dali’s appearance on What’s My Line? where he answered every question in the affirmative : ‘Would you say you were known for your athletic prowess?’ ‘Yes.’ Knocked tea over after reacting to falling DAB radio. Inspected Career Tools and took Intelligent Career Quiz. Watched Be Your Own Career Coach film. Headache and strained eyes by end. La Cucuracha horn sounded outside.


Went to Waitrose again buying reduced lettuce and tiramisu.

Supper : herb omelette; green salad; tiramisu.

Online until lights out.