Thursday 5th May 2022


Up 08 15. Dreamt I was watching a film produced by Declassified (the film does not exist; I have watched part of one of their films recently) both impressed at and doubting I could produce such a thing, before appearing in scenery depicted myself (beach, dune systems yet urban). Coffee in bed. Anticipated recycling collection arriving late morning so took the risk. Online.

Breakfast : coffee; granola.

Friend called.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines. Reports of new studies and surveys on insect collapse. Had inspected a BBC Countryfile article this week – as part of LFE work – which gave an overview of the farming year; the amount of spraying stands out. Someone had commented on a photograph tweeted by proud owner of astroturf lawn : ‘Wanker.’

Attended appointment with WC at Pinesgate (DWP). Applied sun lotion to face, the scent of which seems to relax me somewhat. Put recycling out. Greeted as passed by acquaintance who remembered my name. Couldn’t remember his but said I would try to remember by time I returned. Passed man begging en route. Ran through progress with WC, mentioning that my energy levels had seemingly dipped this week but returned to normal, more or less. Noticed acquaintance in reflection of glass of booth. Made appointment for late May – appointments with WC have been weekly until now (I continue to submit a weekly progress report). Spoke about the May Day events in Bath and asked whether WC familiar with trades councils. WC is a member of PCS but not apparently au fait with the latter (these are local institutions serving as fora (at least) for local union branches). Said event belonged in calendar as it was International Workers’ Day. Spoke to acquaintance on way out who said hello as I turned round and launched into conversation. He was complaining about what he saw as the hypocrisy of a local church which he said had asked that he be moved on from a nearby bench.


Walked on to Lidl along the river as planned. Air foul by Avon Studios and Bath Riverside as seems usual; I suspect there could be a sewage outlet at this point on the river. Passed by a workman in overalls about to begin removing graffiti using a high pressure system and what seemed to be chemical solutions. Spoke to acquaintance on return whose name is not Thomas, Paul, or Duncan. Discussed inequality and ecological destruction locally and more generally. Interrupted by arrival of two volunteer ‘Welcome Ambassadors’ from BATH BID as we moved to talk about what can be done.

Lunch : spinach and ricotta pizza.

Got into bed and slept for half an hour as tired.

Tea : black tea; shortbread. Polished tan brogues.

Friend invited me for aperitif at the Beckford Bottle Shop.

Decided to check Waitrose on return and attended Evensong at Bath Abbey as noticed had begun as I passed by. Stayed for three songs accompanied by organ, and two lessons, the first of which – a reading from an Old Testament prophet, I think – made some sense without elucidation. Slightly disturbed by members of staff conversing (I was sat at the back). Left as congregation – twenty or thirty people – began praying. Encountered friend en-route home who had come from evening prayer at another church and seemed pleased I had found a little peace – which I had – in the space and sound. The door was opened to me.


Supper : tortelloni; olive oil; salt; pepper; sticky toffee pudding.

Published TNS.

Online until lights out.