Tuesday 3rd May 2022


Up 08 00. Breakfast in bed : orange juice; coffee; granola.

Published TNS. Went to the bathroom and got dressed.

Elevenses : madeleines; coffee.

Attended Seetec Pluss Sector Insights session on digital technology (online). Had to install Microsoft Teams desktop application as in-browser option was not available. Perhaps a dozen of us on the call, with only convenor, myself, and one other electing to show their face. Session introduced sector with sections on occupations and roles, skills, model career progression, and training. Limited degree of interaction with people opting to use chat rather than speaking, and convenor giving little time for responses or sometimes unclear direction ([What to expect in digital technology] ‘Any ideas? Unmute or type.’) Young attendee at the end of the session said he had taught himself coding to an extent and had applied to 20 or 30 institutions, with 10 rejections and no other responses. Felt for him. Advice given was to offer to work for nothing for a while to acquire skills and experience.


Friend invited me to lunch. Noticed direct mail from Hello Fresh on way out; know from innumerable YouTube ads (I do not use the premium service).

Went to The Jolly Sailor in Saltford, eating by the lock on the river.

Lunch : fish and chips; cider (courtesy friend).

Visited Newton Farm Cafe in Newton St Loe for a coffee on way back.

Tea : coffee; carrot cake (courtesy friend).


Supper : lamb with herb crust; green beans; chocolate pudding.

Spoke to friend.

Online until lights out.