Sunday 1st May 2022


Up 08 15. Fifth month of the year, and still cold (at least not warm); in India, Pakistan, and elsewhere, it is dangerously hot (over 40 degrees celsius). Breakfast in bed : orange juice; coffee; granola (dairy milk). Online.

Got dressed and packed Bath and North East Somerset Green Party banner and poles in case party wished use.

Arrived at Kingsmead Square for May Day for a Just, Green Transition event. Heavy rain had been forecast but was light rain or overcast in the event. Probably between 50 and 100 in attendance and a light police presence. Two speeches stood out including that of Secretary to Bath Trades Council who recalled the history of International Workers’ Day and highlighted recent successes around the UK as well as current disputes and struggles. No union branches in evidence though, nor parties, for that matter (though I know members were present); I had said to a committee member the banner was rolled up but available if needed, and rolled up it remained. Was pleased to see one group in evidence : the Bath University Left Union, which I gather has recently been formed. There was an Extinction Rebellion presence in the form of a ‘Green Outreach Hub’ (and possibly a banner which was held too low to be easily visible). Recognised a familiar face, and, after the penny dropped, thought I would say hello. ‘Hello.’ ‘Hello.’ ‘Where do I know you from?’ ‘Court.’ ‘Oh yeah.’ (We were both on trial in December 2019 for our part in Extinction Rebellion’s International Rebellion in April that year.) Laughed and gave each other a hug.

Marched to the Bell, where Bath Trades Council had laid on lunch and a performance by Seize the Day. Stayed in the garden for the most part, introducing one or two colleagues to each other. Felt tired and left soon after lunch.


Lunch : hummus; falafel; rice (courtesy Bath Trades Council).

Went to Waitrose for food, returning to Bell with friend for a drink (and realising I had left the poles behind). Pleased to see a former UCU colleague, now working for UNISON in Bristol, and had a brief catch up. Back home (with poles) before long.

Did laundry and went to Spruce Goose to dry clothes. Weather still too cold to air dry.

Got into bed as feeling fatigued, sleeping for a half hour.


Supper : egg salad; sausages and mash.

Spoke to a friend. Lightheaded. Seemed improve after massaging own neck and shoulders.

Online until lights out.