Saturday 30th April 2022


Up 07 15. Coffee in bed. Online. Checked air pollution at address using a new website allowing postcode searches and results : falls foul of 3 WHO limits for air quality and by no means worst in town or country.

Spoke to friend.

Dressed and joined friend for breakfast at apartment.

Breakfast : coffee; yogurt and honey; granola (courtesy friend).

On the canal with friend. Busy from mid morning with hire boats.


Lunch : salt beef and salad sandwich; steak and onion salad sandwich; cereal bar; coffee (courtesy friend).

On canal, returning to town by taxi (courtesy friend).


Went to the Bell with friend and friend of friend.

Supper : pepperoni pizza; ‘Secret Garden’ pizza; beer (courtesy friend and fof).

Joined by another friend and back to friend’s apartment until late.

Home to bed.