Thursday 28th April 2022


Up 08 05. Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; granola.

Did the dishes; bathroom and shower. Dressed.

Attended appointment with WC at Pinesgate (DWP). Signed in by a staff member facing almost away from me. Relayed progress since report, including fact that I had received two notices of appointments made without my knowledge or agreement (appointment with EA Friday morning had been communicated by text message); said I felt it was inappropriate – that it is not how to behave – but that I would attend tomorrow and enquire. On this occasion, the booth I had used (WC behind glass) was cleaned and sanitised as I left; few if any wearing masks.

Left shoe of my tan brogues has tightened since repair : rubbing on foot but nothing like past episode in early 2000s where removed new shoe en route to station to find open wound. Changed into jeans; gilet; boat shoes.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines.

Worked on LFE. Friend called inviting to lunch; took bin out, read meters (last chance today); joined and walked to the Raven.


Lunch : crisps; venison pie; mashed potato; red wine gravy; cider (courtesy friend).

Politics was discussed at next table. ‘You don’t know who the mayor is, now they’re not a character. Who is it?’ ‘Sajid Javid.’ The tax avoidance of the wife of the Chancellor of the Exchequer was apparently quite significant (‘pay off the national debt’!) but not politically (Rishi Sunak is ‘quite switched on’ vis a vis his predecessors) (e.g the Mayor?).

Went on to Brewers Decorator Centre for paint samples, returning with what seemed to be three different creams. Fellow customer had had two bicycles stolen worth £11,000, receiving only a fifth of that from the insurance company (comprehensive cover too dear). Tried all three when got back, deciding they were beige.

Tea : black tea; shortbread.

Looked through the Seetec Pluss online portal, undertaking a self-assessment apparently due on the day though unsure how related to assessment done in office lately. Watched welcome video.


Supper : smoked trout; green salad; sticky toffee pudding.

Spoke to a friend.

Online until lights out.