Wednesday 27th April 2022


Up 07 45. Coffee in bed. Online.

Breakfast : coffee; granola (dairy milk, diluted and shaken as turning).

Received message that Seetec Pluss session I was not aware I had agreed to attend had been cancelled. Also notified that I had not visited the SP online portal lately by text.

Feeling blue. Decided to tidy and thoroughly vacuum the studio. Pleased with result.

Elevenses : coffee; shortbread.

Decided to go to Lidl. Passed postman en route and woman sitting cross legged having a smoke, on the riverside. Kept up pace as cold even with gilet. Wet through on return.


Lunch : spinach and ricotta pizza.

Sore throat still. Tired. Decided take siesta. Received phone call (ansaphone) from Seetec Pluss about portal : (‘[If] you get on that as soon as possible, that’d be brilliant.’)

Tea : black tea; shortbread.

Looked through Cooperatives UK website, which maintains a list of worker cooperatives in the country.

Ate some pistachios. Bit lightheaded.


Supper : sausages; mashed potato; mustard.

Worked on LFE.

Online until lights out.