Tuesday 26th April 2022


Up 08 45. Breakfast : coffee; muesli (dairy milk).

Loo; showered. Did the dishes.

Friend called about availability Thursday or Friday.

Prepared for 13 00 appointment with Seetec Pluss.


Lunch : sticky toffee pudding.

Arrived Northgate House 12 55 for workshop and asked (nicely) to wait outside until 13 00 by staff members still eating lunch at desks.

Attended workshop on CVs. Two others in the workshop and the Seetec Pluss convenor. The two of us wearing masks on arrival removed them for the session. Workshop had 5 sections on purpose/value, types, content, transferable skills, and language, which followed some general remarks, and demonstration of a ‘lifeline’ diagram. Useful overall, as I suggested in a feedback form issued by the staff member in their presence (forms are anonymous but collected by staff member being considered). Applicant Tracking Systems are used by 98% of the ‘biggest companies’ apparently. Those CVs being selected by keyword search etc then typically receive 5-10s human attention. Some of materials issued also useful : a model CV, and a real world example for a recent claimant now working at an establishment in the town. Profile examples given were kitchen assistant, cleaner, care home worker. Fault on a unit by entrance to Northgate House (power failure). Young man being moved on from a shop front as I emerged.

Went to Waitrose on way back for shortbread, encountering UCU colleague.

Tea : black tea; shortbread.

Walked to try Prior Park Garden Centre, Marks and Spencer and Waitrose for food shop, finding reduced sausages and potatoes, along with eggs, an onion, and blueberries. All three noticeably dearer on most items vis a vis Lidl.


Supper : sausages; mashed potato; mustard.

Feeling drained : think upset to find myself looking at prospects indicated by workshop (something covered by feedback form’s ‘given your expectations of the session’ or words to that effect).

Tried working on LFE to little avail, until lights out.