Monday 25th April 2022


Up 09 05. Coffee in bed. Online.

Breakfast : coffee; pancakes a l’orange. Dishes; loo.

Trimmed beard and had another go at changing head and shaving with foil. Changed head but either not using correctly or ineffective in my case.

Published TNS.

Elevenses : coffee. Noticed slight sore throat (LHS).

Continued publishing. Seemed to be smoke or steam emerging from kitchen over the road but resident at home; ceased in due course.


Lunch : chicken curry; rice (courtesy friends).

Went to Waitrose and bought pudding (seem to want a hot, sweet pudding with it still being cold; typically still wearing gilet at home or working in bed) and granola (not own brand but Jordans on offer).

Continued working as above.

Tea : black tea; shortbread; dates.


Bit light headed.

Supper : fried egg; fries; sticky toffee pudding.

Online until lights out.