Wednesday 20th April 2022


Up 07 25. Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli (oat milk).

Did dishes; loo.

Furniture delivered following purchases Monday. Access not a problem. Noticed fairly quickly that chair smells of stale smoke. Acceptable; a carver chair and dining chair were the same when I bought them though Dorothy House had charged rather more. Tried furniture arrangements.

Friend called inviting me for a walk. Suggested Millennium Garden, a small community garden within ten minutes of home. Invited friend to lunch.


Lunch : tortelloni; green salad (courtesy me).

Continued furniture arranging.

Called friend and invited to Prior Park Garden Centre (I have not checked food shop lately). Went round for tea.

Tea : black tea (courtesy friend).

Suggested we visit Bath Organic Group’s community garden at Lower Common West instead and did so. Discussed some features and possibilities for agroecological / permacultural enterprises and holdings etc.

Returned home for supper.


Supper : minestrone soup; pancakes a l’orange.

Finished arranging furniture.

Online before lights out.