Thursday 21st April 2022


Up 07 15. Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli (oat milk).

Loo. Showered. Dressed.

Left myself too little time and had to return home to retrieve mask before running to appointment at Pinesgate (DWP). On time. Reported to WC who was satisfied with progress report. Told WC about visit to community garden and he said might contact as regards opportunities for people with learning difficulties; gave WC contact name. Showed WC printed Assessment and Action Plan and invited to photocopy if useful. Declined. Appointment made for next week.

Talked to neighbour on return who said one of owners of units in block was unhappy with state of cladding which continues not to be repaired following storm damage of late. She said it was unsafe in any case and needed replacing altogether; delays by the management company had seen cost of replacement increase very substantially. It is a hazard : the errant lengths had detached and crashed onto the road during a gust as a neighbour approached on her way into town; it had startled her and I had opened the window suggesting she delayed her trip into town until later in the afternoon; ‘It’ll be ok,” she had said, after a moment, and continued on her way.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines.


Lunch : tortelloni; green salad.

Went into town for milk (dairy) and chick peas. Had a look for cushions, two glasses, and a bowl. Bought two ‘pads’ in Yves Delorme as on sale at £2.50 each. Car boot sale suggested by staff member as possible way to get good covers cheaply.

Ate some honeydew melon.

Helped colleague with design of banner (I keep the Green Party banner at the moment) ahead of forthcoming May Day event.

Tea : black tea (courtesy me).

Checked email as took more tea and shortbread : Ecotricity had sent their usual ‘Please Pay Your Energy Bill Now’ reminder, which is when I pay it (it falls after pay day and before I read the meters). Still find stressful though routine.

Replaced pastel with Sir Thomas Lawrence portrait (print).


Supper : bulgur wheat, onion, potato, chick pea.

Published TNS.

Spoke to a friend.

Lights out.