Sunday 24th April 2022


Up 08 45. Orange juice; coffee in bed.

Breakfast : pancakes a l’orange (oat milk and water mix to substitute for dairy milk which had gone off).

Published TNS. First sketch of structure for ‘Notes on ..’.

Elevenses : coffee; shortbread.

Did laundry and took to dry at Spruce Goose. Sent neighbours message as regards dropped keys and a cover as sat on bench outside. Group of young women passed by in high spirits. ‘It’s a posh area. We’re going to get shouted at by somebody in posh language.’


Joined friend down at the Bell for an outdoor pizza.

Lunch : ‘Secret Garden’ pizza (courtesy me); beer (courtesy friend).

Published TNS at home.

Tea : black tea; shortbread. Spoke to a friend.


Went for supper at friends’ apartment. Invited after chance meeting in town during week.

Showered. Got trapped in bathroom for 5 minutes before released the latch (keep toolkits in bathroom not for that reason). Bought some chocolates en route and helped self to a little cherry blossom.

Supper : olives; nachos; goulash; salad; truffles; rose and red wines (courtesy friends).

Home with gifts for Easter.