Friday 22nd April 2022


Up 06 45. Breakfast in bed : orange juice; coffee; muesli (dairy milk).

Worked publishing TNS in bed.

Elevenses : coffee; shortbread.

Published TNS.


Opened post received recently : Statutory Money Purchase Illustration (SMPI) from AEGON. Pension in today’s prices : (estimated final fund value) £2,560. Need to find out whether can take all or some as pension commencement lump-sum (PCLS) as early as possible. Same goes for other fund.

Got dressed.

Lunch : bulgur wheat , onion, potato, chick pea.

Went shopping for cushion covers, looking in Fashion Fabrics Bath which is closing down. Plumped for just over square meter each of a medium blue faux velvet and champagne and cream paisley sateen (I think) which came to under £10.

Experimented with fabric at home. Made two lozenge shaped cushions by doubling over cheap pads and fastening with drawing pins.

Tea : black tea; shortbread. Melon. Opened old post from Cooperative Bank. Bit of a start on seeing ‘Statement of Fees’ but amounts to £0.

Published TNS.


Supper : muscles in cream and white win sauce; fries.

Produced and sent Progress Report.

Online until lights out.