Monday 18th April 2022


Up 07 45. Coffee in bed. Online.

Breakfast : coffee; muesli. Some abdominal pain.

Dishes; loo.

Visited Dorothy House charity shop on London Road, reserving, considering, and then buying slipper chair and cabinet, and three framed pictures and a cushion. Carried the smaller items home and booked and paid for delivery Wednesday morning. Was in two minds about the chair as it is not an armchair; on the other hand, it was available, affordable, and resembles a sawn-off chaise longue, which sort of fits the bill. The largest picture was an original pastel which I could replace with a print (Save the Children has some books of prints in stock which might do nicely).


Lunch : bulgur wheat, potato, onion, chick pea.

Ventured into town to get refill for diary/notebook (I buy blank pads and use the front for a diary and the rear for notes).

Tea : black tea; shortbread.

Published TNS.


Supper : bulgur wheat, potato, onion, chick pea; pancakes a l’orange.

Online until lights out.