Saturday 16th April 2022


Up 08 45. Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; scrambled eggs.

Loo. Dishes. Dressed. Bin out; combination lock introduced after flytipping during lockdown has gone.

Went into town to meet mother, visiting for the day. Sat in Queen’s Square before walking to Fine Cheese Company for lunch. Caught up and discussed family matters. Received birthday gift.


Lunch : croque madame; green salad; cider (courtesy mother).

Walked around town centre before trying Gainsborough Bath Spa (residents only) and Pump Room (two sittings; fully booked) for tea. Settled on outdoor seats at Abbey Hotel, just taking elderflower cordial and a tea (courtesy me) after discovering no longer somewhere for afternoon tea. Aborted plan for an ice cream at Swoon on sight of queue across Kingsmead Square. Making way up to coach pick up, occurred to me to try Francis Hotel which would have been sensible option after Pump Room. Bit annoyed at self. Shared a cream tea as now a bit pressed for time; same price as the two (soft) drinks.

Tea : scones; cream; jam; tea (courtesy me).

Saw mother onto coach and said goodbye. Returned to London Road but closed when arrived. Went to Waitrose on return for food, milk, and a cheesecloth (for shoe care).


Supper : Thai green curry; rice.

Published TNS.

Online until lights out.