Thursday 14th April 2022


Up 07 45. Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli.

Showered and dressed.

Attended appointment with WC at Pinesgate (DWP), discussing progress, and amending commitment to include working with Seetec Pluss. Appointment made for following week.

Air worse than usual in town. Checked in Waitrose on return for breakfast cereal; granola I buy is still stocked but shelves empty, so bought own brand entry level muesli instead. Noticed gum on sole of shoe as walked up Lansdown Road; removed with a stone at roadside.

Ate second breakfast (muesli had run out) : coffee; muesli.

Accepted commitments. Felt could not develop strengths as opposed to skills and left to discussion with EA later in the day. Structured job search and began looking for potential employers.


Lunch : leek and potato soup.

Continued working as above, finding 5 public and private sector institutions currently recruiting as well as other resources (e.g. Cooperatives UK maintains a public list of worker cooperatives; Global Compact UK).

Dropped into charity shop en route to appointment with EA at Northgate House (Seetec Pluss). Friend introduced a friend of hers. My hair – and eyebrows, still – need attention apparently; offered a haircut and exited soon after cutlery tabled.

Attended appointment with EA. Bit lightheaded prior so took advantage of delay and used water cooler in SP office to rehydrate. Majority of time spent doing Diagnostic Assessment : EA interviewed me at her desk using a standard questionnaire with sections on ‘Readiness for Work’, ‘Digital Ability/Capability’, ‘Skills for Work’, ‘Wellbeing’, and ‘Personal Circumstances’ (some 48 questions in all). Once or twice found it hard to hear what EA was saying due to loud speaking voice at the next desk (the office is open plan affording little or no privacy). Results suggested ‘Wellbeing’ is most challenging area; EA tried to secure a referral to a ‘Wellbeing Coach’ but threshold apparently not met on this occasion.

Explained that ‘apply[ing] online for a minimum of 5 relevant jobs per week’ might not be realistic given search and time required for each to be done well. Had to sign to that effect nonetheless and satisfied self that EA understood what I was saying. Accepted too that had to forward evidence of application each time one was made but quite upset when asked, in addition, to attend Northgate House to apply for positions in presence of EA; I said I felt it was ‘inappropriate’ and was actually quite upset. Also worked on Action Plan, booking six appointments up to mid May including one or two workshops. EA uploaded CVs onto system and marked up relevant sectors (the list of codes did not include one of mine and there was no ‘Other Specify’ option). Agreed I would file a progress report each Friday for the attention of WC and EA. At the end, EA printed the Assessment and Plan and I signed and dated both before leaving.

Went to Waitrose and bought reduced sausages.

Tea : black tea and shortbread.


Supper : sausages and mash.

Online until lights out.