Wednesday 13th April 2022


Up 08 45. Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli. Did the dishes; loo. Confirmation text through from Seetec Pluss : appointment Thursday.

Published TNS.

Ambience Grounds Maintenance visited; shut the windows to limit the noise, fumes generated by their two-stroke strimmers, hedge trimmers, and leaf-blowers. Noticed previously that it was using Round Up, the glyphosate weedkiller withdrawn from sale in the US last year following successful litigation against Bayer, and advised staff member to look into it (partly for his sake), which prompted him to leave some sort of complaint or feedback form behind.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines.

Continued work as above.


Lunch : fried egg and rice.

Went for a walk into town, down to North Parade Bridge to take in the view. Bit lightheaded. Saw a friend and an old acquaintance who said might be worth contacting Society of Editors for work. Helped a moped-mounted Deliveroo courier on return who couldn’t decipher his destination. ‘No speak English,’ was response to my question. Got there by looking at his phone and pointing. There was a look in his eyes that might have been thank you but hard to tell. Partly self-interest on my part : some of them have a habit of riding around and around until finding their target rather than dismounting.

Tea : black tea; shortbread.

Read through Restart brochure. Dug out CV and produced new, shorter draft ahead of appointment; sent by email to EA.

Ate handful nuts whilst preparing supper.


Supper : leek and potato soup; pancakes a l’orange.

Online until lights out.