Tuesday 12th April 2022


Up 08 30. Dishes. Breakfast : coffee; muesli (almond milk).

Took a shower; did not mean to but found myself standing in bathtub with wet feet before realised.

Worked on Letter from England.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines. Spoke to a friend.

Published TNS.


Lunch : cauliflower cheese.

Went to Lidl. Encountered a friend en-route and two academic psychologists (one an acquaintance) on return. Had a long chat with the first after he got off the phone as I was passing, sharing the news that the Prime Minister and others had been fined. Intercepted by fundraiser in town who desisted – not without grace – when I said I was poor : I am ‘rich with the Lord’ (or words to that effect).

Tea : black tea and shortbread.

Reported income and expenses to DWP (received a notification and warning which is normal; noticed ‘Read about sanctions’ in my To Do List, which may not be and caused me to worry that I might have done something wrong). Checked appointments pending and wrote to EA to confirm.

Tired. Ate a banana and some mixed nuts thinking it might help. Sent message to neighbours in the block (we have a WhatsApp group); an agent visited today and there has been a lot of post accumulating (not junk mail).

Worked on website and programme of work.


Supper : spinach and ricotta pizza; sticky toffee pudding.

Continued work as above.

Spoke to a friend.

Online until lights out. Felt a bit hot for a while.