Monday 11th April 2022


Up 08 30. Dishes. Breakfast : kiwi fruit; coffee; granola (dairy milk); smoked mackerel and fried egg.

Worked in bed : publishing.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines. One of neighbours took bin out and vomited on the pavement on his way back in.

Not feeling well.

Worked on TNS. Cooperative Bank website down or not responding so couldn’t finish Statement.


Lunch : cucumber with salt; spaghetti with garlic, pecorino.

Walked into town visiting charity shop and Waitrose for balance (there is an ATM inside). Feeling haircut urgent now and perhaps enough funds to cover it. Photographed self in vacant shop window. ‘Buying a new premises?’ asked an acquaintance I know from the streets.

Published Statement and worked on introduction to TNS.

Went for a walk with friend, including taking in the Botanical Garden in Victoria Park.

Tea : black tea and shortbread.

Went to Waitrose to see whether anything reduced for supper. Another neighbour I have not met was tending to his car, to my right, as I got to the front door. Introduced myself, saying I lived at No. 12. Gave his name but did not wish to give his address, so left him to it. Front door close mechanism has been fixed.


Supper : fried egg and rice; sticky toffee pudding and single cream. Discovered the remainder of the cauliflower cheese in the oven.

Spoke to a friend.

Online until lights out.