Saturday 9th April 2022


Up 09 30. Did the dishes. Breakfast : coffee; pancakes with rest of the whisky marmalade syrup.

Loo. Noticed had cut heel of right foot. Remembered had trodden on something in the kitchen in the dark one evening. Inspected and seemed would heal.

Tidied kitchen.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines.

Finished tidying kitchen.


Lunch : smoked fish biryani.

Walked into town. Noticed droppings on right shoulder of my overcoat. Asked Beckford Bottle Shop staff member for kitchen roll or paper and used hand sanitiser and then spit to remove. Bought Tiramisu and Muesli in Waitrose which seems to have discontinued its entry level granola range.

Tidied bedroom.

Tea : black tea and shortbread.

Continued tidying bedroom. Assembled parts of nightstand. Not satisfied with result; I hadn’t managed to cut parallel, straight edges which would not marry well in consequence. Opted instead to resurrect a cloth covered round top table (cardboard disc reinforced by easel parts supported by column of stacked books).


Supper : spaghetti; pesto; green salad; tiramisu.

Erected the bedside table.

Online until lights out.