Wednesday 6th April 2022


Up 07 15. Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; granola (almond milk).

Showered and dressed.

Prepared for appointment with SEETEC PLUSS.

Attended SEETEC PLUSS ‘Discovery Interview’ with staff member. Found SEETEC PLUSS reception and open plan office on third floor of city centre building called Northgate House. Received by staff member who will be my ‘Employment Adviser’. Provided with A5 brochure, forms to sign, clipboard and pen and asked to read through and sign where seated (by reception). Found forms difficult to sign without modifying text as would not have been true. EA approached me in due course and spent most of remainder of first interview clarifying meaning of forms so I could sign remainder. Decided to allow SEETEC PLUSS, subcontractors, DWP to access, hold, use my personal data, though not without reservation (it is written that decision will not affect your claim). I am expected – if I recorded things faithfully – to search for employment of 16 hours or more per week at minimum wage or higher (once earnings reach £1,000 pcm, engagement with SP becomes voluntary). SP will assist. Some provision for expenses. Last part of interview (‘on-boarding’) concerned goals, challenges, interests etc, recorded in system. Need to bring passport next week and complete three tasks : CV; skills/strengths identification; list of 5 potential employers currently advertising roles. Interview ended after about an hour.

Staff member at the Jane Austen Centre asked me what action police were taking vis a vis a car parked one side of Queen Square (I had walked past the attending officers). I didn’t know. I asked him what police might catch with a pole and noose, and gas cannister and horn funnel (I had walked past officers lately). ‘Dog?’

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines.

Worked on TNS, publishing another two posts.


Lunch : spaghetti; garlic; pecorino; green salad.

Walked to Lidl for main shop. Included a pizza as did not wish to cook. Wind strong enough to stop me in tracks and take mask out of hand.

Exhausted on return. Ate handful mixed nuts.


Supper : spinach and ricotta pizza.

Online until lights out.