Tuesday 5th April 2022


Up 08 30. Broken sleep again: cold. Breakfast : orange juice; black coffee; granola (almond milk).

Worked in bed : publishing backlog posts.

Loo and dishes.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines.


Feeling overtaken by head and facial hair so spent time grooming to see whether can see to eyebrows and facial hair with comb and small scissors. Answer is yes in the former case and no in the latter. Options are haircut and beard trim at a barber shop or salon, or a new device for facial hair (discovered last year that you cannot tackle your head hair yourself with a beard trimmer and resorted to a barber for rescue after giving myself what I believe is referred to as a Norman haircut).

Lunch : spaghetti; garlic; pecorino; green salad.

Shopped for replacement beard trimmer in T K Maxx, Superdrug, and Boots. Opted for entry price Babyliss. Another bill on top of my shoe repair. Haircut will have to wait. Walked home narrowly avoiding male pedestrian walking directly at me – in a tight spot – without decelerating at all; and pained in left ear as refuse collectors emptied two wheelie bins of glass bottles into their cart as I walked by.

Unpacked and tested new device before trimming beard. Just about acceptable. Had to wet shave as shaving foil attachment did not seem to work. Received text message reminding me of SEETEC PLUSS appointment Wednesday and a call – messages left – from two staff members.

Tea : melon; hot water; black tea; shortbread.

Visited SEETEC PLUSS online and created account. Emailed staff member to acknowledge message and confirm attendance.


Supper : celeriac and bean soup / stew.

Published posts.

Online until lights out.