Thursday 7th April 2022


Up 07 00. Collected recycling and put out bin (plastics; tins; bottles) and bag (cardboard). Door banging early this morning was front door: someone left it on the latch overnight and the high winds have broken the door close mechanism. Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; toast; granola.

Got dressed and went to town for dental floss. Flossed teeth on return.

Published posts.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines.

Continued publishing backlog. Out to check recycling had not been moved by wind. Contract cleaners in the stairwell. Invited them to open window and said I’d shut it in due course.


Recycling in. Little in evidence this week, possibly on account of Easter.

Lunch : spaghetti; pesto; green salad.

More publishing. Another day and I shall likely be through the backlog.

Tea : black tea and shortbread.

Mr B’s, my bookseller, emailed to say one of the two books I have on order has arrived. Had placed order before pips were squeaking quite so much.


Friend called inviting me to join him for a drink in town. Went via Mr B’s.

Supper : cauliflower cheese.

Long call with a friend.

Online until lights out.