Sunday 3rd April 2022


Up 10 00. Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; granola.

Did the dishes and loo.

More development work for website and journalism. Considering titles for three main regular pieces : Diary of a Socialist or An English Socialist or The Naked Socialist; Letter from England or Letter from Earth; A Learner’s Library or Library for Those That Would Know.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines.


Continued work as above.

Lunch : Spaghetti, garlic, pecorino; green salad.

Worked on website format options and inspected examples again.

Tea : black tea and shortbread.

Worked on artwork for The Naked Socialist in last of daylight having settled on title, concept, format.


Supper : celeriac, bean, and potato soup / stew.

Post-production on artwork. Website until lights out. Hungry.