Wednesday 30th March 2022


Up 08 30. Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; pancakes a l’orange.

Worked on website and organising programme of work. Cold. Had to open windows a good while to clear air polluted by diesel vehicle behind the block.

Out to charity shop where I had left friend’s tile cutter to be donated to Share and Repair shop. Dropped it in to the latter. On to Waitrose for coffee and granola where staff member said I was not the only one to have switched at least in part to Lidl; seems to shop there himself judging by his advice. Looked in charity shops and Shaws for bedding options.

Elevenses : coffee and madeleines.


More work as above.

Lunch : vegetable and bean soup/stew.

Continued working on writing projects.

Tea : black tea and shortbread.

More work as above.


Supper : bulgur wheat, onion, potato, chick peas.

Online until lights out.