Tuesday 29th March 2022


Up 08 15. Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; toast.

Did the dishes. Loo. Energy bill through.

Worked on journalism concepts. Laundry.

Elevenses : coffee; madeleines.


Water bill arrived. Not expected. Worried could sink the ship : bill has been much lower since I initiated metering, but not sure will continue thus. Left in pigeon hole and made for the launderette via Waitrose. Bought few household consumables inc Corsodyl to help my upper left molar/gum situation. Same acquaintance tells me about unidentified aerial phenomena. Brief chat with charity shop staff member about fear of opening water bill. Same situation for her. She asked what we could do. I said we had to act collectively and talked about mutual aid, electoral campaigning etc. Asked whether she knew others who might be interested and said I’d revert. Visited the Georgian Garden whilst laundry dried.

Lunch : fried egg and rice.

Opened water bill : relief as in credit.

Prepared for 15 25 DWP call with SEETEC Pluss. Little nervous.

Took call (rescheduled as first attempt last Friday unsuccessful). SP is a private institution delivering the DWP’s RESTART scheme. I am ungainfully self-employed and therefore enrolled. Duration is 12 months. DWP staff member called me, with us both waiting for SP to pick up. Through in due course and spoke to SP staff member who elicited basic personal information and description of situation, and introduced the scheme, before fixing a time for a Discovery Meeting with an Adviser next Wednesday (6 April). Didn’t realise until late in the call that DWP staff member was still present.

Went for a run down Charlcombe Lane.

Pineapple on return. Showered after cooling off.


Supper : vegetable and bean soup/stew.

Online until turning in.