Monday 28th March 2022


Up 07 45. Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; pancakes a l’orange.

Did the dishes. Showered. Pumiced right foot. Did some laundry : jeans; gilet; apron.

Worked on website and journalism.

Elevenses : coffee (2) and madeleines (4).


Went to Waitrose for cash (need coin for tumble driers) and milk. Brief chat with acquaintance outside who told me about ESP. Charity shop then launderette with the wet laundry. Checked charity shop opposite (sister branch) and walked around Royal Parade and the Royal Crescent whilst cycle finished.

Lunch : vegetable biryani

Resumed working as above, before taking meter readings. Readings 6238 and 4300 indicate usage of 48 units of electricity over the month, and 9 units of gas. Quite pleased with result of effort on the gas front.

Had tea and cake at the Boathouse courtesy of a friend. Her usage apparently order magnitude larger (and some) but bill less than double mine.


Supper at home with another friend : biryani (half of which I managed to spill on the floor); bread (courtesy friend) and butter; beer (also courtesy friend); cake (as above).

Online until lights out.