I have now released a first cut of the first episode of the Regional Rides podcast series, along with a first draft of the Introduction. Both are accessible here. The episode can also be reached via my SoundCloud page, by clicking on the link to the right. The script for the episode differs only minimally from the text of the Introduction. I present the episode, which features an original theme, and includes excerpts of conversations, speeches, and voice memos recorded in each of the regions visited on the road-trip. The running time is just under 25 minutes.

As suggested here, I am now working on the main part of the series and book manuscript, and will begin publishing and releasing chapters and episodes – and related content – as soon as I believe I can do so reasonably frequently; there may or may not be a pause between the Parts, but I am trying to avoid the raising and then dashing or frustration of expectations.

In the end, I composed and performed the theme for the series, which is a simple march in the major scale (Ionian mode) with a nod to its concerns. My first thought had been to investigate whether there was anything in the Creative Commons that might fit the bill. I had found my way to the Free Music Archive and immediately spotted a new release by Bridport-based Ergo Phizmiz titled Disco Music for Armageddon; Burning World Waltz seemed apt, and I guffawed at The Demise of All the World’s Estate Agents All at Once. It wasn’t to be, but is surely worth mentioning.