At the inception of the project, I researched, wrote and produced a news bulletin. Its style will be familiar to listeners of BBC Radio News, especially the bulletins read during Radio 4’s flagship Today programme, The World At One, PM, The World Tonight, and The World This Weekend. It was hastily recorded over the dining room table, on a dark, winter evening, using the in-built recorder on my mobile phone.

The content is obviously quite different, and is not the sort of thing likely to emerge from Broadcasting House in the immediate future; indeed, it is interesting to consider what the effect would be were the likes of Chris Aldridge and Corrie Corfield to begin to read such fare aloud. It represents my effort at the time, in the form of a weekly bulletin, to describe the present state of affairs accurately. I believe it still largely applies.

The audio file has been posted to my SoundCloud account, and can also be accessed at the Bulletin page, here.